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The End Of The Line

After a lot of considering this is the last blog post – at least in this format and certainly for a few months. It’s been ...
Care For The Family, SeaCity Southampton

Friday Update – 18 May 2012

the week that was: Sorry that last weeks post didn’t really happen the week became very busy with a sudden freelance job on ...

Friday Update – 4 May 2012

the week that was: It’s felt a strange week. Almost slightly surreal, like I’ve been back on tour. Part of that can be ...
Dave's Keys

Spring Harvest – My Tech

Now the, metaphorical, dust has settled on Spring Harvest I thought it would be the right walk through the tech I used at the All Age ...
Little Radiator

Friday Update – 26 April 2012

the week that was: It’s been a rather hectic week in the world of Dave this week as Central Hall has been busy with events. ...
The Team In Action

Friday Update – 20 April 2012

the week that was: The final couple of days of Spring Harvest were really great. I’ve really enjoyed my Spring Harvest experience ...

Friday Update – 13 April 2012

the week that was: Well, it’s been an interesting week for me. Let’s start with Easter – I headed to Newport to spend Easter ...

Friday Update – 6 April 2012

the week that was: The past week wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. The Norwich event with The Moment got re-shaped so that ...
Southampton in the Sun

Friday Update – 30 March 2012

the week that was: Southampton has looked fantastic in the unexpected Spring sun and this week has been as much as an average week ...

Friday Update – 23 March 2012

the weeks that were: Sorry for not blogging last week. It’s been a hectic couple of weeks we’ve had five big events at ...